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Navmedia is a relatively new entrant in the field of online media. In today's competitive world of infotainment, Navmedia is slowly creating a niche amongst the global audience. Started in 2018 and managed by Navbhavana Communications Pvt. Ltd., Navmedia is a free-to-air Malayalam channel with a global presence. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store (Apple).



Our core business is primarily 24/7 news from all over the world with a focus on Kerala. The channel also covers short stories based on current affairs, entertainment, sports, business etc. A dedicated app dishes out all these on your mobile phone.

OTT platform for movies / Short films

The USP of Navmedia is the addition of an OTT platform on the same app for viewers to access. Soon to be launched, the platform will focus on the new trends in the online world.

Nav Ads

Advertising through our well positioned LED screens will add value to any business establishment. For a clear understanding of how you can make use of Navmedia to advertise please click here ( the link to the page what sajid has created already with our marketing slide )

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